With our strong connections to producers of cosmetic packaging, we can source the best packaging, always ensuring optimal quality of your products.

Our production facilities hold numerous standard packaging options for your product runs, ranging from bottles and jars through to cosmetic containers. However, this option is limited to runs of products at 1000 units or under. In larger quantity runs, custom packaging can be manufactured to comply with your brands specifications* and designs through our marketplace connections.

*Please Note: Most componentry that is brand specific requires an approximate run of 10,000 units per style.

Minimum order quantities for custom packaging manufacturing varies dramatically depending on requirements and formulation needs. Once this information regarding your packaging requirements is ascertained we can identify the MOQ.

If you have specific/branded packaging that you have sourced yourself, we require a sample for testing on our machinery. Testing allows our R&D Team to determine whether the packaging is compliant with our manufacturing machines and ensures your formula will suit the supplied packaging without compromise.

Additionally, our team is ready to help with your product labelling. We have graphic designers and creatives on hand to bring your logos and designs to life, always adhering to the guidelines of your brand. With an external printing team close by, we are happy to organise print runs of your newly designed labels. If you already have cohesive branding, our team will provide the specifications for labels when required.


Labelling is a crucial aspect in the creation of your brand, so with our experience we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for bringing this product element to life.

DO: Create a unique, custom-branded look to catch your customer’s eye

DON’T: Go off-brand with your label design

DO: Be creative and tell a story with your product name and label

DO: Include the essential information

DON’T: Try and include too much content

DO: Include a front and back label – front for branding & back for instructions, ingredients etc.

DON’T: Skimp on research before designing – check regulatory standards to ensure your label is good to go