We ask that you fill in a product brief that gives us a basic overview of your concept, ingredients, packaging (tube, bottle, jar) etc. The brief helps us to create individual products for you, the more information the better. We have cosmetic chemists on site and a team for research and development masters ready and e dedicated to ensuring your idea and concept comes to fruition.

Production times vary depending on the product, packaging and volume requirements this can vary from 2-6 weeks.

The next step if you are happy to proceed and we are confident we can help you, would be to move into the research and development stage. This is where we develop your brief and make up some samples for you. We would need your business details. Business name, ABN, business address, contact name and email and we would email you an invoice for the initial development of your samples, this cost can vary from $1000 upwards depending on the product in mention. (usually a portion of this amount is refundable off your first order, non-refundable if you chose not to proceed). Once payment is received we will provide you with up to 10 samples of your product or products (totalling 10) based off the information you have given us. If you would like to work from an existing organic formula we can send you some products from products we have previously made to give you an idea on texture, smell and viscosity. We never make a product the same for any 2 customers. We endeavour to create unique formulas for every brand and every customer. Being based on smell, texture, purpose, cost and/or overall brand message the client desires.

The minimum order run is dependant on the type of packaging and product in mention, However, minimum runs can start with a minimum size of 1000 units.

We are able to supply standard types of packaging for an array of products, all of which can be shown to you in development discussions. Alternatively, if you have specific packaging that you have sourced yourself – we would need to inspect this to ensure that it is suitable to our machinery and your formula before we can provide a quote.

Yes we can assist with the design of Labels and Labelling requirements alternatively you can supply your own labels for application.

We are more than happy to manufacture your own formula for you. For this, we would require specifications such as stability data, including preservative tests, certifications of manufacture and ingredient supply details, where required.

Yes, we manufacture all kinds of Cosmetics from Lipsticks to Mascara, our development team can also colour match and reverse engineer any samples supplied.

Production times vary, but we would advise around 8 to 12 weeks. However, this time period can sometimes be reduced, pending raw materials and packaging supplies.

No, we have not and never will test our formulations on animals.


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