2021 Natural Beauty Trends

Natural Beauty Trends 2021

Natural beauty trends revolve around harnessing the Earth’s natural resources to create and utilise products that are sustainable, organic and good for ourselves and the environment. Occurring more frequently is the consumer trend of consciously choosing products that no longer depend on synthetic ingredients. Subsequently, these consumers are actively researching and questioning where the ingredients or materials have come from, how they have been made, who made them and their potential harm or benefit in the long run. 

Growth of the natural (organic) industry:
As aforementioned, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable of the unwanted chemicals and filler ingredients that are being injected into their beauty products. Not only can these products be harmful to the consumer, but negative impacts also occur for the environment. 

Whilst these consumers look to sustainable, organic products, with this comes a hefty price tag. Plant-based products that utilise sustainable packaging mold well into the organic category, whilst some buyers go to extremes of only using products that would be considered safe to consume. 

“Green Washing”:
In response to the changing industry, some businesses that fail in adapting with the times revert to “Green Washing”. The term “Green Washing” refers to a marketing tactic that entails labelling products as “natural” or “green”, even though this might be fabricated. Causing high levels of controversy, consumers feel they are easily taken advantage of in their quest to move to organic products. 

Utilising natural ingredients is key: 
Hidden chemicals, plastic waste and harmful toxins that can be found in beauty products can harm our efforts for a clean lifestyle. With more Australian women purchasing beauty products than ever before, it is essential to utilise natural ingredients in order to promote holistic wellness internally and externally. 

Natural products, or alternatives to artificial beauty products of the past, will help consumers to look and feel their best, whilst avoiding possibly damaging toxins and minimising refuse. 

Grown-to-Order Beauty:
Grown-to-Order Beauty has come to fruition due to manufacturing and supply chain issues during and following the global pandemic shift in 2020. To negate these issues, and create a positive future for the industry, many brands have looked to creating products when they are shown to be on-demand and changing to made-to-order practice. 

Further benefits are predicted to reap from these industry changes, due to the positive impact of grown-to-order products, as they are able to be more personalised, sustainable and therefore more popular amongst consumers. This change to the industry will cause a knock-on effect, including the rise of “Slow Beauty”. 

“Slow Beauty”:
“Slow Beauty” will likely become the future of the natural beauty industry, if grown-to-order beauty trends continue to grow in popularity. Essentially, this progression of the industry will move consumers away from the instant gratification of product purchasing. Instead, consumers will be tossed into the creation process of these products. This looks to be the cause of a lot of beneficial changes, as brands will have the ability to avoid waste and overproduction of stock in their sustainable practices. This will then lead to smaller batches in production lines and personalised interactions with the brand. 

“Waterless Beauty”:
Whilst the concept is not brand-new, waterless beauty products have fewer preservatives, less drying-effects and can be more sustainable. Traditionally, brands would use water in their beauty products to make the item last longer. However, it has since been found that this creates the perfect environment for germs to breed. Additionally, the chances of these products drying out the skin of consumers is high, due to the diminishing of natural oils when the water evaporates off the skin. The reduction of water content in large-scale beauty products is beneficial for the environment due to its unsustainable nature.

There are many changes occurring in the natural beauty industry, from grown-to-order products and waterless beauty products, through to “Green Washing” claims. Consumer trends continue to hold the industry accountable, with brands changing their processes to keep up with the times. TMF Cosmeceuticals continues to keep up with the ever-changing industry, with the continual use of organic ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free. 

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