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The launch of our Masquerade product line in 2000 has been a great success with Masquerade now recognised as the leading product available in the professional field. Adored by make-up artists around Australia, Masquerade Professional is now available to the public.

Known for it's high quality, Masquerade Professional is 100% Australian made, developed by the same state-of-the-art production facilities in which all TMF Cosmetics are created. Masquerade professional offers a wide variety of products from flawless foundations and high-pigmented eyeshadows, to long lasting lipsticks - all made from the highest grade pigments to ensure long lasting results and intense colour and staying power.

Retail Stores

We understand that in a retail environment product displays are a vital instore sales tool. With displays ranging from tester trays to display stands we can tailor a Masquerade setup suitable to your store’s needs.
Being the manufacturer of this product allows a competitive price point for onselling.

Online Stores

With the ever-growing online shopping industry, Masquerade has tailored packs to equip your online store with the right tools to onsell. Please note that online stores must be approved by Masquerade Cosmetics as there are limited opportunities.

Beauty Salons & Spas

Masquerade offer a range of cosmetics to suit the beauty industry, including our Mineral range. With eye-catching displays and tester options, Masquerade is a professional range to use within make-up application and on sell after application.

Dance Industry

As one of Australia's leading cosmetics ranges for stage, Masquerade offers high-pigmented colours and long lasting wear under the stress of heat and lighting. To ease the stress of concert or eisteddfod time, we offer tailor made packs at wholesale pricing for dance schools looking for set colours for their students. Packed in individual student kits this will save your business time, money and unwanted pressure.

Theatrical Industry

Masquerade Cosmetics was originally launched as a theatrical range with highly pigmented colours and long lasting wear for stage and theatrical use.
With these principles still in place we can offer wholesale pricing for theatrical based businesses for the use and on sell of these products. Tester boxes are available which are a vital sales tool in the theatrical businesses such as costume, party and Performing Arts centres.

Photographic Industry

Applying cosmetics ready for photographic use requires the right tools.
Masquerade prides itself on offering tester trays containing anything from the basics to the ultimate must haves of photographic cosmetics.

Training Institutes

Learning with quality and professional cosmetics is a vital element to any cosmetic training institute. However, we also understand that budgets can restrict and play a significant part in choosing a brand for your academy.
Not only do we offer competitive price points, we can also tailor student kits at reduced pricing when ordered in bulk quantities. Tester trays can also be designed to suit the needs of your courses, which allow students to dispense products in a safe and hygienic way. The tester trays also focus on providing your training institiute with flexibility when it comes to colour selections, sizes and pricing.

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