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Masquerade Cosmetics has developed a strong name in the professional makeup industry over the past 12 years. We continue to develop dramatically through continued innovation and have become one of the proven leaders in cosmetic manufacturing in Australia. With our expert staff, team of cosmetic chemists and state of the art cosmetic production facilities we manufacture only the finest cosmetic products of the highest quality available anywhere in the international marketplace.

Masquerade’s creative team continues research and development on a daily basis to assure we can always offer you new and exciting products. We are renowned for consistently high quality products, which are only ever created from the finest ingredients also combining natural ingredients with newly discovered compounds for a truly unique product. Our highly trained team of cosmetic chemists formulates products to suit an ever-changing world of cosmetics. TMF Cosmetic products are never tested on animals

The rapid success of Masquerade is due to the devotion, commitment to quality, employee loyalty and old-fashioned hard work. Masquerade dedicates extensive research, development and unwavering dedication to continual superior product development, which is why we experience an ever-increasing share of the cosmetic market.